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******   What's the white stuff growing in my wood chips?  *********

As wood chips sit in a large pile, they will naturally heat up and start to decompose. As this happens, mushroom mycelium will start to grow on the wood chips and break them down. This may look like a white or green mold growing on the wood chips. There may also be a powdery substance that floats in the air when you disturb the pile. This is all normal wood chip behavior, and is actually very beneficial to your soil and garden. However, we do recommend that people wear a dust mask while spreading wood chip mulch to avoid breathing in too much of the dust.

This is an example of a full

load.  Is this too much?  Go in with a neighbor and share!!

You must accept a full truck

load only.  No half loads, no

splitting it to two locations without

an additional fee.  We cannot pick up loads that have been delivered.  

"Don't Ruin Your Trees, Train Them for their Health and Beauty"


But foliage decomposes quickly and provides needed nutrients to your soil!

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What kind of wood is in my wood chip load?

All kinds of wood, whatever we trimmed or removed that week.  To name a few.. Plum, Pepper, Liquidambar, Carrotwood, Camphor, Sycamore, Eucalyptus and Pine.

UC Davis study shows Eucalyptus chips are healthy for your trees and plants! Click Here

Pine needles are good for  Azaleas, Rhododendron, Camellias, and Gardenias and any acid loving plants.

If you do not want a certain species in our load, let us know and we will wait until we have a load that it isn't in there. But it is a Myth that Eucalyptus or Pine is not good for other plants and trees.  Read the article:

How to prepare your drop site:
The following tips can help ensure that the chips get dropped where you want them, without issue:
1. Your site must be accessible to the crew without a phone call prior. If you require a call ahead for the crew to drop chips, you should not sign up for this service.
2. Make sure your drop site is wide enough and tall enough for a large truck to drive through. (Low hanging branches or wires) Dropping on the street in front of your house works best.
3. Make sure your drop site is not blocked by parked cars while you're away during the day. Areas along busy streets (speed limit >25mph) are not great dump sites.
4. Make sure there are no low overhead lines or tree branches that the drop box would hit as it's being raised.
5. Leave a marker on the place where you want the chips dropped. This can be a tarp, a cone.
6. Make sure the drop site is large enough to receive the chips. The pile usually takes up a space about the size of a car, or larger.
7. Include a secondary drop location in your description, in case the crew is not able to drop them at your first choice. (e.g. 'If you can't drop them in the driveway, drop them on the side of the road in front of the house.')

What's allowed in a load of wood chips?
All loads should contain approximately:~95% chipped wood and leafy material, including pine and fir needles~5% of the load may contain unchipped brush and sticks under 2" diameter If you're hesitant to receive any unchipped brush, please understand that there is always a small amount of material at the end of a job that the chipper won't accept for one reason or another. In order to make this service viable to arborists, a small amount of unchipped brush must be expected in each load.

What's not allowed in a load of wood chips?
None of the following items should be included in a wood chip load:
1. logs
2. seeds or rhizomes of invasive species in your area
3. more garbage than you could pickup with one hand
4. large rocks over 1"
5. any wood species that the site has specified they do not accept
6. un-chipped leaves, brush or woody material that is over 10% of the entire load (but many times leaves run right through the chipper and come out whole depending on species)
7. dirt, grass clippings, rocks, or any landscaping or fill materials
8. stump grinding debris, old wood chips, construction waste, including plywood, lumber, nails and screws, etc.

Liability Accidents happen.

In the event of an accident, the following describes who is responsible for reparations?
Arborist trucks are heavy. If your driveway is thin enough, it could crack from the weight of a large truck. Any damage to driveways as a result of an arborist's truck is the responsibility of the property owner, not Peterson's Tree Works.

When will I get wood chips?
As soon as you fill out the form to receive a load, you could get a delivery as early as that day. Typical delivery times are between 1 and 5 weeks. Longer wait times will occur during winter months, and to locations in less populated areas.

What about logs?
You will not receive any logs.

Deliveries are usually between 12-4pm as they are delivered after we have done all our work for the day on our way back to the yard.  You must be able to accept the load anytime that day as we cannot call ahead and schedule it with you.  

Would this be good for children playgrounds?
No.  It is best for landscaping around plants, roses, trees and etc.


Help us get rid of wood chip mulch 

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​Sorry we only drop chip mulch in Orange County, California 

If you are looking for free wood chip mulch,  Please use the link below.

​Remember this is wood chip mulch, a combination of wood chips and shredded foliage.   You cannot plant a vegetable garden in these.  

AND YOU MUST ACCEPT A FULL TRUCK LOAD ON ONE DUMP, WE CANNOT SPLIT THE LOAD. ​   (but you could share with a neighbor once it's dumped)


A full truck load is about the size of an SUV vehicle, same height, width and length. ABOUT 17 YARDS!!